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    Description: Lots of disk combination become a more big virtual disk by RAID, and it will have more fast I/O speed.

    Create RAID

    mdadm -C /dev/md[0|10|5|1] -l 10 -n[Number] -x 2 /dev/sb{a..z}
        -l level
        -n diskCount
        -x hotSpare

    Check RAIDinfo and syncSchedule

    mdadm -D /dev/mdName

    Remove disk member from RAID

    mdadm /dev/mdName -f /dev/sdMemberName  # Manual assign fault device
    mdadm /dev/mdName -r /dev/sdMemerName   # Remove the fault device

    Add RAID device

    mdadm /dev/mdName -a /dev/sdMemberName

    Stop/delete RAID

    mdadm -D -s > /etc/mdadm.conf #create new config file -s:--scan
    mdadm -S /dev/mdName --> stop/delete RAID
    mdadm -As /dev/mdName -->restart RAID

    Re-add the hot spare to RAID

    mdadm -G /dev/mdName -n 6 #RAID10 not support.
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